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Why Seek Medical Attention after a Rear-End Crash in Detroit?

Macomb County auto accident attorneyAfter a rear-end crash in Detroit, you should have the police come to the scene where the accident happened so you can get a detailed report of what occurred. You should also go to the doctor right away after the crash to get a comprehensive and thorough medical examination.  You should see a doctor even if you think you only are a little sore and not badly hurt. In fact, you should seek medical help after a rear-end crash even if you think nothing is wrong with you at all.

Why Seek Medical Attention After a Rear-End Crash in Detroit?

You need to get medical help after a rear-end crash in Detroit happens in order to protect your health and to protect your legal rights. Getting a comprehensive checkup is important because:

  • You may have very serious injuries which don't manifest outward symptoms. Mayo Clinic warns some brain injury symptoms don't appear immediately. You could look and act normal but have bruising or bleeding of the brain which will begin to cause you problems. This can be life-threatening if you do not react right away. Likewise, internal bleeding or other internal injuries may not show up outwardly but needs to be treated so you don't jeopardize your life.
  • Your injuries may be more serious than you initially think they are. Many people have minor aches and pains when a crash happens, but assume it is nothing. This is a dangerous assumption. A little ache in the neck could turn out to be whiplash, which can become chronic and cause lasting pain. WebMD warns symptoms of whiplash often don't show up until around 24 hours after trauma. Once you have symptoms, you could have limited mobility and other problems for weeks, months, or even years. You need to make sure you get diagnosed right away so you can get on the path to trying to recover.
  • Your injuries may be expensive to treat. Health insurance policies have deductibles and co-pays, and you may not get full coverage for some of the care you need to recover from rear-end accident injuries.  You need to try to preserve the ability to get compensation for your injuries, including getting your medical bills and other financial and non-financial losses paid for by an automobile insurer.  If you have documentation of your injuries, this can give you more leverage with an insurer since you can prove the injuries happened to the crash and were serious.

Michigan is a no fault insurance state, with every driver required to buy personal injury protection (PIP) insurance in addition to liability insurance. All motorists involved in a rear-end crash should get medical bills and certain other losses from collisions paid by their PIP policy up to coverage limits. Victims of crashes who can prove another driver caused their accident can sometimes also make a personal injury claim for very serious injuries.  The medical documentation of injuries from after the crash can help with both PIP and personal injury claims by assisting victims in proving their losses.

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