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Who is at Fault in an Intersection Accident Caused by Snow and Ice?

Last year, a 150 car pileup happened on I-94 in Michigan as a result of snow and ice. This multi-car pileup accident was a very large-scale collision involving hundreds of vehicles, but similar accidents are not uncommon during bad winter weather. In fact, just recently, a video was posted on NPR that had gone viral. The video on NPR showed buses, cars, and even a police cruiser and a snow plow getting into a pileup crash because of a dangerous patch of snow and ice that caused the vehicles to spin out of control. snowy intersection

When these kinds of crashes happen, it attracts attention because people are fascinated with how the collisions start and what occurs to cause so many cars to become involved. Unfortunately, these accidents can sometimes cause serious or fatal injuries. They can also raise challenges regarding who exactly can and should be held responsible for the accident which was, at least in part, caused by bad weather.

Typically, a car accident may involve one, two, or maybe a few cars. Usually, it is fairly clear exactly which of the small number of cars involved in the accident was the car that was the initial catalyst for causing the crash. The driver of the car who was at fault for causing the accident could be held accountable by the other involved motorists for their serious injuries.

In the case of multi-car pileups, however, it's not always easy to apportion blame and to determine who should be held accountable for crash losses. It is not a simple matter to determine which of the drivers made unsafe or careless choices leading to the crash. Accident reconstruction specialists may need to be called in to try to retrace what happened and determine who is actually at fault for the incident occurring.

Determining who is to blame is important because serious injuries and sometimes deaths can happen in multi-car pileups that occur during winter weather conditions. The bad weather does not absolve any driver of liability if the motorist was negligent, especially if the motorist who caused the crash made a mistake such as driving too fast for road conditions. The negligent motorist who caused the accident should compensate the victims because accident victims should not be forced to pay out-of-pocket for damages someone else caused.

Cars can be crushed or badly damaged during multi-car pileups caused by snowy weather or icy roads and those inside of the cars could suffer serious, costly or even fatal injuries. An auto accident attorney can help victims who are harmed to determine who was at fault in the multi-car accident so the victim can get compensation for substantial loss.

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