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What Happens After Deadly Motorcycle Accidents in Detroit?

Macomb County motorcycle accident attorneyTwo tragic deaths occurred recently in a motorcycle accident. Fox 2 Detroit reported on the deadly accident, which occurred on Michigan Avenue. The accident involved a Sport Utility Vehicle along with the motorcycle which the two victims were riding. The extent of the injuries sustained by the driver was not known at the time, nor was the cause of the motorcycle accident.

One of the witnesses to the crash commented "there was pure panic everywhere." He described the aftermath of the collision, saying: "Cars everywhere. I saw the motorcycle over on the side, it was on fire."

Witnesses tried to render aid to the victims, but unfortunately both the motorcycle rider and the passenger on the motorcycle were killed.

These victims were not the first to be killed in a Michigan motorcycle accident this year, and they are likely to be two among many who will lose their lives in fatal motorcycle accidents. Governors' Highway Safety Administration has reported motorcycle accident fatalities surged 10 percent between 2014 and 2015 and are expected to remain high in 2016.

A motorcycle rider and a passenger face a more substantial risk of dying or becoming badly hurt in a vehicle accident because motorcycles provide no protection and have not benefited from enhanced safety features which have reduced car accident fatality rates over the past several decades.

While fewer drivers and passengers in motor vehicles are dying because of improved air bags and other safety devices, motorcycle riders remain at significant risk. A motorcyclist can be thrown from a bike, or be forced to absorb the full impact of being struck by a car with nothing to protect him, except perhaps an optional helmet.

When a motorcyclist is killed, it becomes important to determine if there was anyone responsible for causing the fatality. If it can be proved another driver was to blame or a malfunction with the motorcycle caused the crash or worsened injuries, a wrongful death claim could be filed.

If a passenger is killed, as in this accident, the passenger could not only pursue a case against the driver of a car but could also potentially make a claim against the driver of the motorcycle.

Wrongful death claims should provide financial compensation to close family members and/or dependents of the victim who was killed in a motorcycle accident. These cases may settle outside of court or can be pursued in civil litigation. The goal is to ensure a family is not left with financial worries because of medical bills incurred before the death or loss of the wages and earning potential of the deceased rider.

Because the relationship lost is so important, it is also possible for families of victims to obtain compensation for loss of companionship in many motorcycle accident claims which result in the death of riders or passengers.

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