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Hit-and-Run Accidents Remain A Problem in Macomb County

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When two or more vehicles are involved in an auto accident, all parties are required to stay at the scene, exchange insurance information, and wait for police to arrive. This is required by the Michigan Vehicle Code, Section 257.618. Failure to do so can result in up to 90 days in jail, a $100 fine, or both.

But despite the legal consequences, some drivers still leave the scene of a crash. Victims of hit-and-run accidents aren’t always able to identify the driver. It’s important to understand the nature of hit-and-run accidents and how you can prepare. If you have any further questions, an experienced auto accident attorney can help you.

Why hit-and-run-accidents happen

Mercury News reports that hit-and-run fatalities happen almost six times each day in the United States. This rise in hit-and-run accidents is attributed to many factors. They include:

  • Emotions: According to psychologist Emanuel Robinson, some hit-and-run drivers often become scared or angry at the time of a crash. Others might try to rationalize leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Drunk or drugged driving: A report by the Belgian Road Safety Institution that examined 853 hit-and-run drivers found that 42 percent of them were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Some motorists will flee the scene of a crash in order to evade the legal consequences of impaired driving.
  • Criminal activity: If a driver is involved in some sort of illegal activity, it is probable that he or she will flee the scene of a crash to avoid an arrest or police investigation. A suspect involved in a police chase may be involved in more hit-and-run accidents during the pursuit.

Why hit-and-run accidents are so complex

In Michigan, all drivers are required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Protection Insurance (PPI). After an accident, the crash victim can receive compensation for damages and injuries sustained. This also applies if the at-fault driver leaves the scene of the crash.  If a hit-and-run driver can’t be identified, or the at-fault driver does not have insurance, the crash victim will need Uninsured Motorist coverage to receive compensation for their bodily injury. This coverage is only optional, but it is highly recommended.

No matter what caused your crash, the attorneys at Fraser & Souweidane, P.C. are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation and discuss your options.

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