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Super Bowl v. Super Drunk: Stay On the Offense of Drunk Driving

Michigan auto accident attorneySneak peaks of 2018's new commercials are already starting to surface. Our crockpots are warmed, our fridges are stocked, and our jerseys are ready. Whether you're a football fanatic, dedicated to the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots, or will just tune in for Justin Timberlake's half-time show, the nation is starting to buzz about Super Bowl LII!

And while Sunday is intended to celebrate the Super Bowl, it's also an opportunity for people to get super drunk. In 2012, while thousands were celebrating the win of New York Giants, 166 Michiganders were sulking in jail for drunk driving, and two had died from alcohol-related crashes. Sadly, we are also amidst America's opioid epidemic, which means impaired driving is more than just driving drunk. So, as game day draws near, rest assured that the police departments are not playing around.

Throw a Flag on Driving Under the Influence

Yes, we are lawyers. Yes, we respect the law. Yes, we are people too. We enjoy parties with our friends just as much as everyone, but there's a way to go about celebrating every touchdown without calling a foul on your own future (or someone else's!). Whether you're hosting the fun, being the life of the party, or just heading to your local tavern, there are ways to stay on the offensive line and take precautions against impaired driving for you and your friends.

  • Where's the Water Boy/Girl? In the start of the third quarter, trade in your beverage of choice for some water or other non-alcoholic drinks, and encourage your friends to do the same. After all, most of us have to work in the morning! Continue hydrating until you are legally sober (remember that you're driving drunk with a BAC of .08) and not a risk to the road.

If you're hosting, there are thousands of blogs, Pinterest boards, and magazines that outline a play-by-play of delicious, non-boozy drinks. And remember to keep keg-sized amounts of water on the sidelines. If bars will be your Super Bowl scene, remember that water is free! Alternate water in between your cocktails and beers, and you'll be amazed at how much slower your bill and your BAC will climb!

  • First Down at the Dinner Line! Speed up your sobriety by snacking. There is usually no football game without enough food to feed both teams (and sometimes the entire crowd!). Famous dips, wings, ribs, and casseroles are in short supply throughout most of the year, so dive in and enjoy. You won't regret splurging for one day as much as you will a DUI, or worse, for life.
  • Find Someone to be on Your Team. With so much excitement and a PTO day to spare, Super Bowl can be quite a party. Know yourself, your limits, and who is on your team. Designate a driver or someone you can call on to pick you up from the after-party. And if your friends are still celebrating or you drove yourself to the bar, remember that Uber and Lyft are always on your team and just around the block.  

Super Bowl Sunday is a day to celebrate some of the greatest things about life - friends, family, and football! Make the choice to celebrate responsibly and maintain a tradition of safe, good times for you and others.

No one wins when you choose to drive drunk.

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