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Stop on Red Week Could Help Prevent Detroit Collisions

Macomb County auto accident attorneyA collision in Detroit caused by a driver running a red light resulted in a demolished home and sent two people to the hospital. CBS Detroit indicates that a pickup truck allegedly failed to stop for a red and crashed with a semi. The semi then careened into a nearby brick building.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) has partnered with local communities to organize National Stop on Red Week in an effort to prevent accidents like this one. During 2014, National Stop on Red Week took place between August 3 and August 9. The goal of the NCSR was to drawn attention to the dangers of running a red light so drivers will stop this high-risk behavior.

Hundreds of people die annually and thousands are injured when motorists run red lights. An experienced personal injury lawyer should be consulted if you or a loved one is injured in a collision with a driver who does not obey stop lights.

Preventing Red Light Collisions

The NCSR reports that in just one year, 8,700 people were killed in intersection-related traffic collisions. Millions of drivers are taking a dangerous chance at intersections by failing to obey red lights. The NCSR's report on the number of people who run red lights shows:

  • There were a total of 570,122 red light violations at traffic cameras on Fridays over the course of 2013. Friday was the day of the week when there were the highest number of red light runners.
  • There were 439,323 red light camera violations on Sundays in 2013 across the 20 states included in the NCSR's report. Sunday was the day when the fewest number of violations occurred.
  • Between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. there were a total of 1,070,572 red light violations in the states studied by the NCSR. Around 1/3 of all red light camera violations happened during this period of time.

Running a red light has very serious consequences. The Federal Highway Administration shows that there were:

  • A total of 762 fatalities in 2008 resulting from accidents in which a driver ran a red light.
  • Annually, approximately 165,000 people are injured in motor vehicle collisions that occur because of red light runners.
  • The motorist who ran the red light is the person killed in a fatal red light collision in only around half of accidents. Innocent victims including other motorists, pedestrians or bicycle riders account for the remainder of the fatalities.
  • An estimated one out of every three people knows someone who has been injured or who has been killed in a collision that was caused by a red light runner.

National Stop on Red Week is designed to publicize the high number of injuries and fatalities that occur in preventable collisions. The Federal Highway Administration has suggestions for how awareness can be raised during National Stop on Red Week including:

  • Organizing a press conference in which statistics on red light accidents, injuries and deaths are announced.
  • Mounting a campaign to get state legislatures to support National Stop on Red Week or, better yet, to enact stricter laws that will discourage motorists from running a red.
  • Organizing a day with the local school system where children wear red to school.
  • Working with a local movie theater to make it possible for a slide to show before the movie starts urging viewers to 'Stop Running Red Lights."

Finally, the NCSR has a Pledge that drivers can sign to vow not to run reds in the future.

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