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Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Don’t Let Injury Slow Your Holiday Hustle

Macomb County personal injuryWith high temperatures in the 20s this week, it's finally starting to feel like December in Michigan. And while a fluffy white blanket covering the ground is festive and fun, we need to turn down the holiday tunes and pay some extra attention to our blustery surroundings. Between holiday parties, travel, work, and shopping, we're bound to run into some icy patches, heavy snow obstacles, wet floors, tumbling boxes, and more.

Slip-and-Falls Can Be Sneaky

Slip-and-fall accidents are more common this time of year, but not only for the reasons you would expect. While unsalted and unpaved driveways, parking lots, and steps put everyone at a higher risk for a slip, the threat doesn't end once we're inside.

Think of how many people trudge through snow or splash through rain before warming up and drying off inside. Not only are their hearts melting at festive decorations, but the snow on their boots is melting all over the floor, and water is dripping as they walk. These in-door puddles are difficult to keep up with, especially with so much foot traffic. These concerns for melted snow and dripping rain hold true for stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and even your homes.

Shopping malls and retails stores are also stocking up on almost everything. With fuller shelves and more grabbing hands, it's likely that a box or two will take a tumble. In a rush to re-supply inventory quickly, boxes and items may not always be tightly tucked into shelving units. Falling merchandise is also something to always keep an eye out for, but especially during the season of gifting and giving.

And if holiday travel has you dashing from hotels to different homes, remember to keep to an eye on the flooring. Snagged carpeting, wooden floor chips, and broken stairs can catch you unexpectedly, especially in an environment where you're not familiar with every nook and cranny. Remember to also keep an eye on your own home, apartment, or condo complex, as salt can eat away at concrete steps, ice can make stairways slippery, and heavy traffic flow in and out of your hosting home can definitely cause some wear and tear on your flooring.

Premises Liability: Don't Let Your Injury Be Ignored.

Of course no one expects or wants to be injured, especially with so much to be done this time of year. But slip-and-fall injuries can happen anywhere, at any time, and for many reasons. Whether you're traveling home or hosting the holidays, it's always important to watch your step.

But if you are injured on someone else's property, you may be entitled to pursue a premises liability claim. It includes all of the potential scenarios listed above, and more. Medical bills and prescriptions are expensive, and often something that many people simply cannot afford any time, let alone on top of gifts and groceries to buy.

We Understand.

Our attorneys have expansive experience with determining how dangerous situations were created, if the property owner was aware of the potential hazard, and whether standard safety measures were taken to prevent your injury.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident on someone else's property, please contact us. Your suffering will not be ignored, nor will the cause. To get your free case evaluation started, please call us at 586-381-7835, or fill out a short contact form here.

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