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Road Rage Accidents in Macomb County

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Michigan drivers can cause devastating injuries when they succumb to road rage. Too often, simple acts of honking or yelling escalate into violent confrontations. Even when road rage does not result in assault, battery, or other crimes of violence, it drastically - and unnecessarily - increases the chances that one of the involved drivers will cause a collision. This is a violation of the legal duty of care every driver owes to other road users.

Accidents caused by negligence (such as those resulting from road rage) make the negligent driver responsible for compensating accident victims for injuries and losses. It is important for victims of road rage to assert their legal right to compensation. Not only are victims legally entitled to this compensation, but such legal action also deters enraged drivers from similar dangerous conduct in the future. In this manner, asserting a victim's legal rights can also protect future victims.

Road Rage in Macomb County

Road rage is a very real problem right here in Macomb County. In Mount Clemens, an SUV driver was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon in connection with a road rage incident. CBS Detroit reports that the driver repeatedly tried to ram a Lexus before making a U-turn into oncoming traffic and driving directly at the Lexus in an attempt to t-bone the vehicle. The Lexus driver called 911 to report that he was in fear for his life.

The SUV driver was arrested and charged with felony assault and misdemeanor reckless driving. Authorities were then surprised to discover that the SUV driver was actually out on bail for another pending criminal case related to road rage. This second incident occurred less than one month after the first incident. The driver's $10,000 bond in the first case was increased to $150,000 in the second case.

Another road rage incident in Harrison Township caused a Macomb County jury to hang on charges against the driver. According to the Detroit Free Press, jurors were unanimous in rejecting the prosecutor's case for assault with the intent to commit murder. They were, however, split on whether the driver was guilty of the lesser charge of felonious assault. The bizarre incident escalated from yelling and name calling on the road. The defendant accused the victim of yelling racial slurs. The victim claims he threw a Slurpee at the defendant's vehicle. In response, the defendant drew a gun and fired at him. The defendant - who holds a concealed pistol license - claimed that she feared for her life and only fired in self-defense. One of her children was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

Our Macomb County car accident attorneys have seen victims' lives changed by road rage. Negligent drivers must be held accountable when they allow rage to put other road users in danger. This is the only way to prevent other innocent victims from being injured or killed in road rage incidents. It is also an important step toward asserting a victim's legal right to be compensated for the losses he or she sustains.  

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