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Rear-View Cameras Purport Prevention of Detroit Back-over Crashes

Macomb County auto accident attorneyRear-view camera systems can make a big difference in improving visibility. According to the Auto Channel, researchers found visibility in the rear blind-zone increased by an average of around 46 percent for 17 different vehicles made by a total of 11 different manufacturers. Both factory-installed and after-market rear view systems were tested to determine the impact on reducing rear blind spots.

A personal injury lawyer knows that back-over crashes are very common. As Kids and Cars reports, at least 50 children in the United States are backed over by vehicles every single week. On average, 48 children receive treatment in a hospital each week after back-over crashes, and at least two children lose their lives each year after a back-over collision. Rear-view cameras can help to reduce the chances this type of collision will occur, and drivers should strongly consider looking for a vehicle with a rear-view camera, or alternatively having an after-market camera installed.

Rear-View Cameras Can Decrease the Risk of Back-over Collisions

The predominant age of children who are victims of back-over crashes is 1. Around 60 percent of the incidents of back-over accidents involve larger vehicles such as trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. Unfortunately, in around 70 percent of situations where a child is the victim of a back-over accident, either a parent or a close relative is behind the wheel.

Rear-view cameras can make a big difference in making kids safer and in reducing the risk that a back-over collision will occur. For example, when AAA tested vehicles, a rear-view camera produced a 75 percent improvement in rear visibility with a hatchback system. Even in smaller sedans that generally tend to have less of a blind spot in the back, the cameras could improve rear visibility by as much as 36 percent.

Cameras are especially useful in making it easier to view the 10 feet immediately behind the motor vehicle. This is the most hazardous area in terms of the risk a young child will become involved in a back-over crash.

Back-over cameras are not a substitute for looking in the mirror and making sure the car has a clear path to back up. AAA advises drivers to walk behind the rear of a vehicle in order to visually confirm that there are no obstacles or people behind the area before getting into a car. The rear view camera can be used to confirm nothing has come behind the vehicle between the time the driver has gotten into the car and the time the driver is pulling out. Drivers also need to be aware bad weather can produce a blurry image. However, drivers can wipe off the camera during their pre-inspection when they walk behind the car to ensure that the image is clear.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recognized that rear view cameras can prevent collisions and will require a rear-view camera in all passenger cars starting 2016.

Until that time, drivers can choose a car with a camera or add a camera after the fact if they want to maximize safety.

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