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Preventing Detroit Drunk Driving During The Holidays

Macomb County auto accident attorneyMotorists on the streets of Detroit, Warren, Sterling Heights and surrounding areas need to be aware that they are in the most dangerous time of the year for drivers. The period from Thanksgiving to New Years is a time during which car accidents occur with frightening regularity. Making matters worse, while the number of drunk driving fatalities has been on the decline in general, the risk of drunk driving crashes actually goes up significantly during the holiday season.

A personal injury lawyer knows that motorists need to make smart choices and stay sober in order to reduce the risk of a crash and keep themselves and others safe. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has launched a campaign to encourage motorists to make the right choice. The campaign is intended to raise awareness about the dangers of intoxicated driving during the holidays and to encourage motorists to make the smart and informed choice about staying sober behind the wheel.

MADD Hopes to Prevent Holiday Drunk Driving Crashes

MADD is running a campaign called Tie One on For Safety during the month of December. This campaign is in its 26th year and it is described as the organization's "signature public awareness project." The campaign is a play on words, because the express to "tie one on" usually means to consume alcohol and become intoxicated.

In this case, however, MADD is encouraging motorists to display red ribbons on their cars. The ribbons are:

  • A pledge to drive safe and sober.
  • A signifier of support for law enforcement personnel, who step up patrolling and enforcement of sobriety laws during some of the dangerous days of the holiday season.

The holiday months are the prime time for MADD's campaign because there is such a significant increase in the number of deaths attributed to impaired drivers during the holiday season. While 31 percent of highway deaths occurred due to impaired drivers over the course of the entire year in 2010, a total of 37 percent of the highway deaths over Christmas were caused by impaired driving and a total of 48 percent of highway deaths over New Years were caused by driver intoxication. The Christmas period is defined as the days surrounding Christmas, including Christmas Eve and the following holiday weekend. The New Years period is defined as New Years Eve, New Years day and the holiday weekend.

Hundreds of people die each year just on these weekends alone. In 2010, for example, there were 96 people killed over the Christmas period and 143 people killed over the New Years holiday period because of drunk drivers. In 2009, there were 95 Christmas drunk driving deaths and 185 New Years impaired driving fatalities. In 2008, there were 138 people and 175 people killed by drunk drivers on Christmas and New Years respectively.

Drivers need to be aware of the high risk of injury or death and should make sure they have a designated driver if they plan to consume alcohol while celebrating the holidays. The Tie One on for Safety campaign hopes to encourage motorists to make this smart choice to avoid hurting themselves or others.

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