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Preventing Macomb County Accidents During the Holiday Season

Macomb County auto accident attorneyDuring the holidays, people are injured every year as a result of things like defective toys, dangerous products, and unsafe drivers. When an injury happens, the victim or his family could find themselves facing consequences that stretch far beyond the holiday season.

Medical care expenditures, missed work, ongoing pain, and emotional distress due to the accident and injuries are all realistic outcomes after an injury.  Significant personal and financial loss can happen, and those who have been harmed need to take action to recover compensation.  The first step in doing so is to make certain that you understand exactly who is responsible for accidents during the holiday season.

Accidents during the holiday season frequently happen while motorists are driving. USA Today reports around 95 million people drive to visit friends or family. If one of these drivers does something careless or breaks the rules of the road, that driver can be held accountable for the outcome. A victim of a car accident would have to show that the driver who was allegedly responsible for the accident was the direct cause of the crash. The car accident victim would also have to establish that the collision was caused by the negligent or careless driving of a motor vehicle by the other driver. Around 250 people who are killed and 27,900 people who are hurt each year in auto accidents during the holiday season will experience losses from accidents and these victims or their families need to know what their rights are.

Accidents also happen far-too-often while shopping for gifts. Those who get hurt on someone's property will be able to hold the property owner accountable in certain circumstances. Whether a store owner can be held responsible or not is going to depend upon how the accident happened and what obligations the store owner had to stop it. Property owners are all subject to premises liability laws that determine what their legal duties are to customers. Those who invite people into their store for purposes of commercial activity will have the highest duty of care owed to those customers and it can thus become easier to pursue premises liability claims against them.

Store owners can be held responsible for things like slip and falls, if they failed to maintain walkways in a safe way and this failure was the direct cause of harm. Store owners could also be held liable under certain circumstances if a store visitor was injured as a result of violence or crowd-control problems. Black Friday is an especially dangerous day, with injuries and even deaths occurring in retail stores because of the shopping frenzy on this day of deals. Stores are expected to maintain adequate and appropriate security, and if someone is harmed by an active of violence, it is possible this failure to provide reasonable security could give rise to an injury claim.

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