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What Intersections are the Most Dangerous in Michigan?

Macomb County auto accident attorneyIntersections are a frequent site of motor vehicle collisions because there is always the potential for problems when multiple cars come together and go in competing directions.  There are, however, some intersections which are home to many more car accidents than others.

Drivers need to be aware of the most dangerous intersections so they can exercise extra caution when driving in these areas. It is also important for motorists to be careful at every intersection they encounter so they can ensure they are making informed choices and doing everything they can to avoid car crashes and stay safe.

What Intersections are The Most Dangerous In Michigan?

MLive recently reported on the highest-risk intersections in Michigan. The list included the following locations:

  • Cass Avenue at Groesbeck Highway: This was the 10th most dangerous intersection in Michigan. Located in Clinton Township in Macomb County, it was the site of 70 crashes in 2015. It also had the most crashes causing injury or death in 2014.
  • North Wayne Road at Warren Ward: This Wayne County intersection was the location of 71 car accidents in 2014.
  • Commerce Road at Union Lake Road: There were 72 crashes at this intersection in Commerce Charter Township within Oakland County.
  • East Broomfield Road at South Mission Road: This Mount Pleasant intersection is located east of the Central Michigan University's campus and was the site of 75 crashes in 2014.
  • 44th Street Southwest at Byron Center Avenue Southwest: This was the only intersection on the list of the 10 most dangerous which was located in Western Michigan. The intersection is located in Southwest Grand Rapids, and was the site of 77 motor vehicle accidents in 2014.
  • Orchard Lake Road at Maple Road: There were 86 intersection accidents located here in 2014.
  • 18 Mile Road at Van Dyke Road: This intersection is in Sterling Heights, within Macomb County. There were 88 crashes at this intersection, which Mlive indicates has a "Michigan left."
  • Ford Road at Haggerty Road: A total of 89 crashes happened at this intersection in Canton Township in Wayne County. It is just to the west of the 1-275 Ford Road exit.
  • Orchard Lane Road at 12 Mile Road: This intersection is located within Oakland County, north of I-696 and directly next to the Orchard 12 Shopping Center. It is in Farmington Hills and was the site of 94 collisions over the course of 2014.
  • South State Road at West Ellsworth Road: This was the single most dangerous intersection in the state of Michigan. Located in Ann Arbor, there were 170 total crashes at this intersection in 2014.

Any driver approaching one of these intersections should know of the elevated accident risk. Drivers at all intersections should make sure they follow best practices for safety. This means paying careful attention, and looking at what other motorists are doing before entering intersections.

Drivers and pedestrians shouldn't assume drivers will necessary stop at traffic signals or stop lights, as not everyone follows the rules of the road. It is important to pay attention to what other drivers are doing before entering the intersection.

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