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More Detroit Auto Accidents Occur on These 10 Days

Macomb County auto accident attorneyWhat are the worst days for motorists in Detroit, Warren and Sterling Heights to be on the road in terms of accident risks? One of the days is in May. An experienced accident lawyer knows that Memorial Day frequently ranks as Number One on the list of days that can be deadly for motorists. Yahoo News recently reported on the added risks faced on Memorial Day, as well as the danger that drivers and passengers face on nine of the other most dangerous days on the road.

What are the Most Dangerous Times to Drive?

Memorial Day is first on Yahoo's list of the 10 most dangerous days to drive. About 400 people are killed in motor vehicle collisions over the course of the Memorial Day weekend each year. There are two primary reasons why there are so many people killed on Memorial Day: there are a lot of people on the roads, and there are a lot of people who drink and drive. These two factors combine to create a recipe for disaster. A total of 13.1 percent more people die over Memorial Day, on average, than during other non-holiday weekends. Alcohol also plays a role in causing about 44 percent of Memorial Day car accidents.

The combination of alcohol and increased travel also explains why there is so much risk of accidents on many of the other days found on Yahoo's list of the 10 most dangerous driving days. For example, Christmas, New Year's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and the Fourth of July are all on the list of the most dangerous driving days. Over Christmas alone, there are 26 percent more motor vehicle collisions than there are on New Year's Eve because so many people are out on the roads and many are celebrating with alcohol consumption. On St. Patrick's Day, two out of every five collisions involve a driver who is drunk. On the Fourth of July, 42 percent of the crashes involve impairment.

There are other days on the list of the most dangerous times on the roads that do not involve added alcohol consumption. For example, Black Friday is one of the highest-risk days on the road, with some studies showing double the normal number of insurance claims. The issue on Black Friday is that 70 million people go shopping. This could help to explain why there are 36 percent more insurance claims related to parking-lot collisions on Black Friday than there are on any other day of the year.

The start of daylight savings time is also a high-risk day. This can be explained by the change in light conditions, tired motorists and people who are off their routine. The first Monday after daylight saving sees a 17 percent increase in accident deaths because of these factors.

Some of the dangerous days, however, have no clear reason why there is an added risk. For example, one study found that there are 13 percent more motor vehicle accidents on Friday the 13th compared with other days, regardless of what time of year Friday the 13th falls. Motorists should be careful on this day, even though there is not necessarily any specific hazards.

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