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Eating & Driving Endangering Detroit Motorists

Macomb County auto accident attorneyIn Detroit, Warren and Sterling Heights, drivers frequently will have a snack, a drink or even a meal as they drive their vehicles. Most people don't think very much of this behavior since eating and driving is very common and is not generally prohibited by law. One motorist, however, was very surprised to find himself getting a ticket for driving down the road while eating a burger. The motorist was so surprised and the situation so unusual that the New York Times actually published an article about it.

A personal injury lawyer knows that eating and driving while behind the wheel of a car is a serious matter. While most people don't stop to think about the risk, the fact is that eating is a major distraction that takes your focus off of the road and increases the chance that a collision will occur.

Eating and Driving Can Put You at Risk of Crashes

Most motorists know that it can be dangerous to eat certain foods behind the wheel. The New York Daily News recently reported on a survey in which drivers listed the most high risk foods to consume as they try to operate a vehicle. The foods on this list included things like hot coffee; chili dogs and tacos; soups and sodas; wings; fried chicken and ribs; and chocolate and jelly donuts.

While these foods may present a special risk, any time you eat anything, you need to take your eyes off the road to see what you are eating and your hands off the wheel to move the food to your mouth. Your brain energy is also diverted to figuring out how to eat instead of to focusing on what is going on around you. Not only that, but a spill of hot or cold food could be a disaster as the temperature change could shock your body and cause an involuntary reaction that results in losing control of your vehicle.

Despite the clear dangers of eating and driving, most people do it. In a survey of 1,000 motorists, around 70 percent said they consumed food and 83 percent said they drank beverages even though they were driving at the time.

With so many people consuming so much food and drink behind the wheel, it is unsurprising that a great number of collisions involve motorists who were eating at the time of the accident. An estimated 80 percent of motor vehicle crashes involve a driver who was consuming food and around 65 percent of near-miss collisions (situations where cars almost collided) involve motorists consuming food.

Preventing these crashes means drivers need to stop eating. However, many likely won't because they don't think there is anything wrong with it. Even the driver who got a ticket for eating his burger plans to go to court to contest the ticket, arguing his actions weren't a violation of distracted driving laws. While it is true that distracted driving laws don't typically prohibit eating straight out, drivers should still make a commitment not to consume food that increases the chances they'll cause a car accident while eating it.

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