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The Adage of “Cops Helping Cops” is Always Debatable. Drunk Driving is Not.

Macomb County auto accident attorneyNew details have recently surfaced surrounding the investigation of a Roseville lieutenant who was given a pass on a DUI and, instead, driven home safely by a Ferndale police officer. While we are thankful that no one was hurt while the intoxicated officer drove the wrong way down Woodward Avenue, it is a significant reminder that no case of drunk driving is deserving of a free pass.

It's tragic to say that, as personal injury lawyers, we regularly see the devastation that occurs after someone makes the choice to drive intoxicated. Grief-stricken families of both the victim and drunk driver have to grapple with the financial and emotionally-taxing aspects of the situation. More often than not, the drunk driver will lose their job, be indebted to a severe fine, lose their driver's license and potentially face jail time. If this person is breadwinner, their family now suffers. If he or she is young, their future is jeopardized.

You Have Choices. Choose Wisely.

Drinking has become an organic aspect of social activities, and it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy a few cocktails at events with family and friends. No one is asking that you don't drink - we're just telling you not to drive afterward. Thankfully, our technological era has dedicated a large part of itself to ensuring you and your loved ones always arrive home safely.

Uber and Lyft

A safe and reliable ride is always at your fingertips and just around the block with the taxi-like services Uber and Lyft. Simply download the app, and click for a ride whenever you need one. If you know you will be drinking, plan ahead and use one of these services to travel to the event and home again so you don't have to worry about leaving your car somewhere.

Designate a Driver

Designated drivers (commonly referred to as "DDs") are timeless! Find a dependable and trustworthy person you can call on to get you home safely. Not only do designated drivers transport you to and fro, they almost always have your back and can also ensure that you don't make any other uncharacteristic moves.


Did you know you can have your own breathalyzer? If you really don't like depending on others to get you home safe, then be responsible enough to depend on yourself. It can difficult to gauge when our alcohol has really been diluted and we're actually sober. If you drink enough, you can still be intoxicated even after "sleeping it off" for a few hours. A breathalyzer will tell you the truth. If it shows any BAC, you need to stay put and drink some water. Breathalyzers are a one-time, very economical purchase that will save invaluable lives.

We Don't Give Free Passes.

Drinking and driving is a serious problem, especially around the holidays. Life is too fragile to risk it on the threat of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driving accident, please contact us at 586-463-0100 or at www.FSattorneys.com.

There is no free pass on injuring someone else as a result of another's poor decision. Together, we can reign in the intolerance for drunk driving and keep our families and communities safe.


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