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Detroit Motorcycle Riders at Risk as Death Toll Climbs

Macomb County motorcycle accident attorneyA motorcycle rider in the Detroit area is in critical collision after an accident on the city's West Side. The motorcycle rider was reportedly struck by a school bus according to CBS Detroit. The bus driver is now in police custody and may be charged with causing an accident that resulted in serious injury.

Unfortunately, this is not likely to be the only motorcycle collision this summer that causes serious injury or even death to Detroit residents. Motorcycle riders face significant risks on the road. According to a recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a motorcyclist has about 26 times the chances of dying in a motor vehicle collision as compared with someone in a passenger car. Despite the fact that only three percent of registered cars in the U.S. are motorcycles, motorcyclists also make up 15 percent of people killed in fatal traffic crashes.

Because the roads are so dangerous for riders, it is essential for both motorcyclists and drivers to take steps to avoid collisions. If an accident does happen, victims should consult with a personal injury lawyer for help.

Motorcycle Accident Deaths Rose in 2012

The NHTSA has recently released data on motorcycle accident deaths in 2012 and the news was not good:

  • Between 2011 and 2012, there was a seven percent increase in the number of motorcyclists killed in collisions.
  • In 2012, there were 4,957 fatalities in motorcycle accidents compared with 4,630 fatalities the prior year.
  • A total of 93 percent of people killed in motorcycle crashes were driving the motorcycle at the time of the collision. Only seven percent were passengers on the bike at the time of their death.
  • A total of 52 percent of motorcycle collisions were two-vehicle crashes.
  • In 41 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents, the other vehicle was making a left turn and the motorcycle was traveling straight.
  • In 23 percent of the deadly accidents, both the other vehicle and the motorcycle were traveling straight.

Turning is a prime time for motorcycle collisions and drivers need to ensure that they are looking carefully for motorcycle riders before they make a left turn. Motorcyclists can be harder to see than people in passenger cars since motorcycles are so much smaller. Drivers are encouraged by public safety campaigns to "Look Twice, Save a Life." This advice not only applies when making a turn but also before changing lanes.

Both drivers and motorcyclists can also take other steps to try to improve safety of the roads and reduce the chances that a motorcycle rider will be hurt or killed. For example, drivers and riders should:

  • Share the road safely. Motorcycles should try to avoid splitting lanes while drivers should not follow too closely behind motorcycle riders.
  • Do everything possible to ensure motorcyclists are seen. Riders should stay in the center of the line where they are more visible and should use turn signals and hand signals. Drivers should be on the lookout and look twice for motorcyclists.
  • Avoid dangerous driving behaviors such as driving while distracted, intoxicated or drowsy.
  • Drive the speed limit or at a slower speed as necessary for current weather conditions.

Everyone on the road has a role to play in trying to reduce the number of people who lose their lives in deadly motorcycle accidents.

A Detroit personal injury lawyer can help victims. Contact Fraser & Souweidane P.C. at (866) 465-9095 or visit https://www.fsattorneys.com to schedule a free consultation.

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