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Detroit Accidents Can Result From Foggy Conditions

Macomb County auto accident attorneyDrivers throughout Detroit, Warren and Sterling Heights need to be aware of the risks of driving in fog, as well as of steps they can take to drive safely.

Statistically, fog is the biggest hazard when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, as it can double the risk of a car crash occurring.

An accident lawyer knows that many people do not know how to drive safely in fog, thus exacerbating the dangers caused by low visibility.

Driving in Fog is High Risk for Motorists

Fog is perilous because it reduces one's ability to see clearly. One of the most common suggestions made is to encourage drivers to slow down. Recent research, however, suggests many motorists naturally do drive more slowly when it is foggy outside.

The National Institutes of Health reports that past studies on fog tend to show that drivers go faster than they should because the fog interferes with their perception of speed.

However, many of these past studies are done based on simulated conditions that more closely resemble a fogged up windshield rather than natural fog. Researchers conducted a new study where they used simulators to more closely resemble the experience of driving through actual fog because they adjusted contrast of objects based on the location of the object in relation to the driver. Past research had simply reduced the contrast of all objects.

The new study showed fog does affect a driver's idea of how fast he is going. However, the effect is actually that drivers tend to slow down rather than go too fast as previously thought. If this research proves to provide a true picture of motorist behavior in fog, this means that much more needs to be done in order for motorists to avoid becoming involved in a collision while driving in foggy weather.

Smart Motorist has some tips for drivers about what they can do. While Smart Motorist suggests going slow, there are also some other suggestions that drivers can incorporate including:

  • Keeping an eye on the speedometer. You may start out going slowly because of the fog, but as your eyes start to adjust, you could end up with your speed creeping up without realizing it.
  • Use your headlights and fog lights, but not high beams. High beams can make visibility worse. Some drivers find the reflection of the head lights distracting, but you still need to use them to maximize your own safety and the safety of other motorists.
  • Never stop on the road. Even if you feel that the fog has made it impossible for you to keep going, you need to ensure that you pull off and go to the shoulder of the road instead of stopping in the middle. Otherwise, you face the risk of other drivers not seeing you and hitting your vehicle.
  • Stay focused on the right edge of the road. This is better at preventing accidents than looking at the center line.

By following these tips, hopefully you can reduce the chances of becoming involved in a fog-related accident this spring.

A Detroit accident lawyer can help victims in the city and surrounding suburbs including Warren and Sterling Heights. Contact Fraser & Souweidane P.C. at (866) 465-9095 or visit https://www.fsattorneys.com to schedule a free consultation.

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