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Dangerous Driving Predicts a Dangerous Lifestyle

Macomb County auto accident attorneyOver 90 percent of drivers admit that speeding is dangerous and likely to increase the risk that a traffic accident will occur. Yet, one out of every five drivers reports trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible in the car. How can this be?

Unfortunately, it is common for people to engage in behavior that they know is dangerous.  Many of the people who take unnecessary risks while driving also engage in other dangerous behaviors and have a higher risk of mortality overall (not just from motor vehicle related deaths). A recent study shows just how much of a link there is between bad driving and a greater risk of death: drivers with even one major driving violation had a 51 percent greater mortality rate from non-vehicular causes.

Drivers who engage in dangerous behavior don't just put their safety on the line. Innocent people can become involved in a collision with a motorist who makes dangerous choices. Victims of collisions should contact a Detroit accident lawyer for assistance in pursuing a claim for compensation from the person responsible for causing injuries.

Dangerous Driving Predicts a Dangerous Lifestyle 

Researchers reviewed 7.4 million motor-vehicle records that had been randomly selected and identified 73,000 deaths to look at more careful. The data showed that:

  • People who had been cited for drug-offenses; reckless driving; negligent driving or excessive speed had a 70-percent greater risk of death in a non-vehicular manner than those who had clean driving records or who had been cited for only minor offenses.
  • The greatest link existed for women. A woman with a major driving violation had a 100 percent greater mortality rate than a woman who had no violations.
  • Among men, there was a 61 percent higher mortality rate for those with major traffic citations compared with those who had not broken major driving rules.
  • People with six or more serious driving violations had an 80 percent greater mortality rate.

The data aligns with past research showing that people who are risk takers in one area of their life often take risks in many different things. For example, a person who does not wear his seat belt is more likely to tailgate other drivers or to get traffic citations.

The fact that problem behaviors come in groups does not exist only when it comes to driving. A person who engages in dangerous driving is also more likely to have unprotected sex and to smoke cigarettes.

The Implications of the Data

The research suggests that safety experts may have an uphill battle in reducing dangerous behaviors. A person who takes risks in all areas of his life is unlikely to be deterred from dangerous driving behaviors by threats of receiving a ticket and is also unlikely to be swayed by public education campaigns aimed at reducing impaired or distracted driving. Victims affected by the behavior of these dangerous drivers can pursue a claim for damages with the help of an attorney.

A Detroit accident lawyer can help victims of a collision. Contact Fraser & Souweidane P.C. at (866) 465-9095 to schedule a free consultation. 

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