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Autumn Collision Risks for Detroit Drivers

Macomb County auto accident attorneyEach season brings driving challenges for motorists. It is important to understand the risks that you face on Detroit roads this fall and to make smart choices to avoid becoming involved in a motor vehicle collision. Drivers who fail to operate their vehicles in a way that is safe under current weather conditions can be held liable for collisions that occur as a result.

The AARP provides tips for drivers for staying safe when fall approaches. A personal injury lawyer knows that if every motorist on the road follows good safety practices, fewer people would be injured or killed in motor vehicle collisions during the fall season.

Tips for Fall Driver Safety

This fall, motorists should:

  • Watch for leaves on the roads. Wet leaves can make the roads slippery and cause your car to spin out of control. Leaves are also dangerous when you park your vehicle as your catalytic converter could cause them to spark and catch fire. Be careful when driving and watch where you park.
  • Stay alert. When daylight savings time ends, visibility can be reduced on the roads and drivers will have a more difficult time seeing pedestrians and bicycle riders. Drivers need to exercise additional caution especially right after the clocks have changed and should be careful to watch out for bikers and walkers on the roads.
  • Check your vehicle's tire pressure. When the temperature changes, this can cause the expansion and contraction of the rubber in your tires. Rapid changes in temperature can occur not just from summer to fall but also throughout the fall season. Be sure to keep a careful watch on your tire tread and on whether your tires are properly inflated. Many cars will warn you if tire pressure is low.
  • Be prepared for the glare of the sun. The change in seasons and the change of the clocks can result in you facing more late afternoon glare from the sun on your commute home. Be sure to have sunglasses with you so you can see despite the sun. You should consider getting glasses that have an antireflective coating.
  • Be prepared to deal with wet roads. Hydroplaning can occur when falls heavy rains cause the roads to become wet and slick. Slow down on areas where there is excess water and avoid making sudden movements of the steering wheel or slamming on the brakes.

A military safety alert also warns that the weather in fall can be unpredictable and drivers must be alert to the fact that a storm can come up in minutes. The safety alert cautions drivers to clear all windows thoroughly before driving if you are parked outside and to be aware that dew-laden roads can become icy if a frost occurs. Fall can also bring fog along with the storms, and drivers should be sure to slow down if they hit a foggy patch on the roads.

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