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Detroit Children at Risk of Burn Injuries

Macomb County personal injury lawyerEach year, 440,000 children in the United States suffer burns that necessitate medical attention. Children in Detroit, Warren, Sterling Heights and throughout the country are at risk of burns from many different causes and parents need to be aware of the dangers of burn injuries.

In many cases, burns are sustained as a result of negligence. If someone was responsible for your child's burn, call an accident lawyer for help understanding legal options.

Young Children are at Risk of Burn Injuries

According to Yahoo News, younger children are especially vulnerable to suffering injuries due to burns. A study of 1,215 children who were treated in the United Kingdom for burn injuries over a two year period found that around 72 percent of the kids who were hurt were under the age of five at the time of the incident.  Scald injuries were especially common, and more than 700 children were scalded.

Scald injuries can happen due to hot drinks like coffee and tea. The famous McDonald's coffee case is an example of an incident in which an adult suffered a burn injury from scalding. While many people think this was a frivolous lawsuit, the reality is that the coffee was 180-degrees at the time of the incident and a drink this hot can cause third-degree burns in 15 seconds or less. As the Daily Mail reports, the victim in that case suffered burns on 16-percent of her body. McDonalds was aware of the risks and had ignored more than 700 earlier complaints that its drinks were excessively hot.

Soup that comes in Styrofoam cups is also a big potential risk for children and are a top cause of scald injuries.  When children attempt to carry these containers, they may be too hot and the child could drop the soup, resulting in scalding injuries to the trunk and legs. Noodles in noodle soup can conduct heat and get stuck to the skin, potentially causing burns that require grafting.  A 2007 study in the Journal of Burn Care & Research revealed that the hospital stay for a victim of an incident with noodle soup was significantly longer than for a victim of an accident with other types of soup.

Injuries from hot water are also a top reason for child burn injuries. Landlords have a responsibility to make sure that water tank thermostats are set at a responsible level so children are not put at greater risk than necessary.

Within the home, gas fireplaces are also a safety issue. More than 10 million homes have a gas fireplace with a glass front according to a 2012 survey. Many homeowners do not realize these fireplaces can become hot to the touch when used.  New standards require that all certified gas fireplaces manufactured after January 1, 2015 must have a protective barrier or safety screen. If manufacturers do not make sure their products are safe for kids, they can be held accountable for burn injuries.

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