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10 Key Facts About Car Accidents During Michigan Football Season

Macomb County auto accident attorneyDetroit Lions fans and those who love watching the Michigan Wolverines likely know lots of facts about their favorite football team.

While football lovers usually know the ins-and-outs of the game, they may not be aware of added risks of car accidents associated with football game days. Motorists all need to understand that driving on game days can be riskier than driving other days of the year, whether the motorists are watching the big game or not.

10 Key Facts to Know About Car Accidents on Football Days in Michigan

Knowledge is half the battle when it comes to making smart choices behind the wheel.

Knowing the truth about football game days and car accident risks will help you to make smarter and safer choices if you are attending a game at Ford Field or Michigan Stadium, throwing a football party, or simply out on the roads during game days.   These 10 facts provide insight so you'll be more prepared for car accident risks during football season:

  1. One out of every 12 football fans who attends stadium games ends up leaving the stadium legally drunk, according to ABC.
  2. Younger fans are more likely than older ones to be legally drunk. Those under 35 are eight times as likely as those over 35 to be too impaired to drive home after the game.
  3. Tailgaters are 14 times as likely as other football fans to leave a football game with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or above.
  4. Tailgaters who had the highest blood alcohol concentration on anonymous surveys admitted to researchers they had drank at least six drinks while tailgating.
  5. One out of four tailgaters who responded to an anonymous survey admitted to researchers they had consumed five or more drinks.
  6. During the time after Super Bowl Sunday, an average of 43 percent of fatal car crashes on U.S. roads are caused by drunk drivers, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Usually, on other days, the average is 31 percent.
  7. One state's research into alcohol and football found 45 percent of football fans had consumed three or more alcoholic beverages while watching football games.
  8. In one state, the Department of Transportation reported a 13 percent increase in the number of arrests for impaired driving on football game days, when compared with other game days.
  9. The NFL has a drinking problem, with 176 professional football players arrested on suspicion of impaired driving since January 2007, according to USA Today.
  10. There have been three professional football players since 1998 who killed other people while the players were allegedly driving their vehicles under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both.

Drivers who are aware of car crash risks can make sure to avoid stadiums when possible, and can make more informed choices about their own alcohol use on game days.  If drivers know the dangers of alcohol consumption during football events, hopefully everyone can take the actions necessary to be safer.

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