Collision Avoidance Technology Can Reduce Michigan Truck Accidents

Technological advances in recent years have led to many new options for crash avoidance technologies in vehicles. Drifting sensors, backup cameras, alert systems, and other safety features carry the potential to drastically reduce the number of collisions on the roads of Macomb County. This is especially important in accidents involving large, heavy commercial trucks. With more force in a collision, these vehicles cause more damage and more serious injuries. The Damage Caused By a Single Truck Accident The scope of damage caused by a single truck accident was powerfully illustrated in 2016. The single collision between a tractor-trailer and an SUV killed six people and injured five others. Trucking Info reports that the tractor-trailer was traveling near the posted speed limit of 75 ...

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Macomb County Car Accident Risks & Michigan's No-Fault Insurance

The Macomb County Traffic Safety Association reported that the number of Macomb County traffic deaths has declined for the second year in a row. Macomb Daily reported 38 people were killed on Macomb county roads last year, a decline of nearly 31 percent compared to the 58 motorists killed in 2016. While our injury lawyers in Macomb County will take good news where they can get it, such statistics can have a negative impact on road safety if motorists don't take safe driving seriously as we head into the summer travel season. As we reported recently on our injury law blog, accidents are now the third leading cause of death nationwide. Michigan Summer Traffic Safety - Avoid Risky Driving Behavior The message from safety ...

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Accidents Third Leading Cause of Death Nationwide

"Accidents" are the third leading cause of death for the first time in recorded history, according to the National Safety Council. Experienced injury lawyers in Detroit understand few of these are "accidents" in the true sense of the word. A look at our website reveals the most common causes, including impairment, distraction, speeding, fatigued driving and reckless operation. In fact, many take issue with using the term "accident" to refer to a motor-vehicle collision because usually, someone was at fault. But if the definition of "accident" is "unintentional, preventable injury," then the new NSC report drives home the fact that the risks are real. These incidents claimed more than 161,000 lives in 2016. Drug overdoses and motor vehicle crashes are being blamed for the ...

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Michigan Motorcyclists are Ready to Rev! But are the Roads Ready for Them?

Spring has nearly sprung in Southeast Michigan! But just when we are relieved to have plowed through the season of snow mounds, we hit more bumps in the road – literally! It’s no secret that Michigan is bruised with crumbling roads and crater-sized potholes. Just a couple weeks ago, an officer from Grand Blanc, MI stood knee-deep in a pothole that temporarily closed McWain Rd. A few days prior to that, a group of Dearborn residents invested their own money and time into patching their city’s roadways before Wayne County trucks showed up to finish the job. And while weathered Michigan roadways are a costly annoyance to commuter cars, trucks, and buses, they can be life-threatening to a seasonal group of Michigan drivers ...

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Large Trucks and Larger Injuries: Michigan Roadways Are Big Enough for Both!

Crash. Accident. Freeway closure. We hear these devastating words almost every day. But when the traffic report glows orange and red, or breaking news reports a deadly crash, or your co-worker tells you to find another way to work because the freeway is shut down, what do you picture? Typically, two or more cars that have collided come to mind. But commuter cars aren’t the only vehicles subject to collisions. Michigan’s economy is robust with lumber, fuel, agriculture, and many more shipments that, by their large nature, demand a larger vehicle for transportation. And while semi-trucks and tractor trailers get the job done, their average weight of around 26,000 lbs is over six times the weight of an average commuter car. Imagine running alongside ...

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Facts About Dog Bites Injuries in Macomb County

Michigan dog bites can cause extensive injuries which require costly rehabilitation. In some tragic cases, dog bites can even result in death. Large breed dogs, such as Pit Bulls, Pit Bull mixes, Dobermans and Rottweilers have the worst reputations, though many owners swear it's all about how they are raised. There is likely truth to this, but the reality is these dogs have innately more power than smaller breeds. A bite from a Pit Bull is inevitably going to cause more profound damage than a bite from a Jack Russell Terrier, even if it was shown the two dogs bit people with equal regularity. Mich. Comp. Laws Ann., sec. 287.351 holds dog owners in Michigan accountable for injuries caused when their dog bites ...

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Super Bowl v. Super Drunk: Stay On the Offense of Drunk Driving

  Sneak peaks of 2018’s new commercials are already starting to surface. Our crockpots are warmed, our fridges are stocked, and our jerseys are ready. Whether you’re a football fanatic, dedicated to the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots, or will just tune in for Justin Timberlake’s half-time show, the nation is starting to buzz about Super Bowl LII! And while Sunday is intended to celebrate the Super Bowl, it’s also an opportunity for people to get super drunk. In 2012, while thousands were celebrating the win of New York Giants, 166 Michiganders were sulking in jail for drunk driving, and two had died from alcohol-related crashes. Sadly, we are also amidst America’s opioid epidemic, which means impaired driving is more than ...

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It’s the Largest Automotive Recall in America. Here’s What You Need to Know.

We’re just wrapping up the first month of 2018, and America’s automotive industry is already experiencing the largest recall in its history. After 20 people have died and almost 200 injured, Takata, a Japanese air-bag manufacturer, has just recalled another 3.3 million defective airbags. The recall affects specific vehicles produced in 2009, 2010, and 2013 by Honda, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Daimler Vans, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Jaguar-Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Tesla. Later this month, each automaker plans to file a list with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlining each of their respective vehicles that need to be recalled. Takata’s recall is in response to a chemical flaw that could unexpectedly catapult scalding pieces of metal toward unsuspecting drivers. Ammonium nitrate is the chemical Takata used to quickly inflate airbags during ...

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Michigan at Forefront of Technology's Impact on Traffic Safety

  When it comes to traffic collisions, experienced injury attorneys know a driver is most often at fault. Common causes of Detroit accidents include distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, failure to yield and fatigued driving. Of course, winter weather is a serious threat right now, with Fox2 and other outlets reporting the new year has brought mostly delay and frustration for the human drivers still stuck behind the wheel.  Then there are the computerized drivers now rolling among us. As the Free Press reports, the ethical issues of interacting with us mortal motorists are as complex as who lives or dies when man meets machine. This is not technology on the distance horizon. Waymo, a Google-affiliated company, is among those already testing self-driving ...

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Looking Back to Move Forward: Carrying Kindness into the New Year

The New Year has arrived, everyone is back into their routine, and many of us have already packed up the holidays in anticipation of warmer weather. While we too are looking forward to 2018, we wanted to briefly look back on a treasured holiday tradition that we have been participating in for a few years now. We love closing out the year on this magical note, and we hope that sharing this story will inspire you the entire year through. All year long, we meet and help victims and families of car accidents and other debilitating injuries. Our service ends once we solidify the rightful compensation and justice our clients deserve, but we know their lives have changed forever. Not only are many ...

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