Increased Traffic Fatalities Across the United States in 2016

2016 traffic fatality statistics for the United States have recently been released. They show that the recent trend of increased car accident fatalities is continuing. Michigan drivers were not immune from this trend. Every day, Macomb County families are affected by injuries and deaths on the roadway. Learn more about these trends and what Michigan drivers can do to stay safe on the road. And if you or a loved one is involved in a traffic accident, be sure to contact an experienced Macomb County car accident attorney as soon as possible. It is important to hold negligent drivers accountable for their dangerous behavior in order to keep the roads of Michigan safe for everyone. Why Are Car Accident Fatalities on the Rise? ...

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Car Accidents Are Leading Cause of Child Deaths in Michigan

Car accidents have long been one of the leading causes of child death in the U.S.. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motor vehicle crashes are responsible for 1 out of every 4 unintentional injury deaths in children under the age of 13. When children or teens are injured in Michigan motor vehicle accidents, it is usually their parents who must file legal claims on their behalf. Learn more about the causes of child car accident injuries, and how you can protect your child’s legal rights after any type of motor vehicle accident. The Risk Factors For Child Car Accidents - And What Parents Can Do About Them According to the National Safety Council, more children are hit by cars near ...

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New Automated Safety Features Can Protect Michigan Drivers

Michigan has always been at the forefront of vehicle manufacturing. Now, new safety features and automated technologies offer Michiganders more choices than ever for staying safe on the road. After any accident, an experienced Michigan car accident attorney will thoroughly investigate all potential causes of injuries to ensure that negligent drivers and auto manufacturers are held responsible for their conduct.  Cases against other motorists may be rooted in theories of general negligence, but cases against auto manufacturers are a bit more complicated, and follow theories of product liability. Any company or individual in the chain of distribution of an unsafe or defective product could potentially be held liable for injuries resulting from foreseeable use of that product. Lane Departure Warning Systems An increasingly-popular and ...

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Back to School Safety Tips for Macomb County Schools

The back to school season is an exciting time for Michigan students, parents, and school staff. It can also be a dangerous time: Buses, heavy school zone traffic, and high concentrations of inexperienced teen drivers work together to significantly increase the risk of sustaining auto accident injuries in and around school zones. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, more children are hit by cars near schools than at any other location. After an accident occurs, an experienced Macomb County car accident lawyer can help secure compensation for injuries sustained by students, parents, teachers, and school staff. But it is up to all drivers to accept personal responsibility for avoiding school zones accidents by adopting safe driving habits. Michigan School Zone Accidents ...

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Macomb County Motorcycle Accidents Trend Up in Summer

Motorcyclists in Michigan will be riding out the rest of summer trying to squeeze in as much road time as possible. But motorcycle accidents in Macomb County are more common this time of year, partially because there are more riders, but also because other motorists simply aren't looking out. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) reports that the number of motorcycles registered in Michigan has more than doubled in the last 50 years, from 4.1 million in 1966 to 8.4 million today. Motorcycles only account for about 2 percent of all registered vehicles in the state, but they are involved in a disproportionate number of serious accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities. Officials say motorcycles account for about 7 percent of all traffic deaths ...

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Safety Group Says Underride Guards Could Save Lives in Trucking Accidents

Tractor-trailer trucks with side guards installed on the sides, between their front and rear tires, are less likely to be involved in a deadly collision. That's according to a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Still, the trucking industry is bucking this assertion, arguing that the better way to prevent these fatal injuries is to avoid trucking accidents in the first place. Our Macomb County trucking accident lawyers recognize that while crash prevention is certainly an important and worthwhile goal, it negates the fact that, until we all have self-driving cars, human error will continue to lead to mistakes on the road. In truth, what the resistance from industry leaders come from a desire to protect their bottom line. ...

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Macomb County Authorities Seek Distracted Driving Solutions

Authorities in Michigan, and Macomb County in particular, are searching for solutions to the plague of distracted driving. In that quest, they have unearthed varying strategies, which is good because many traffic safety experts believe it's going to take a multi-pronged approach to effectively tackle the issue.  Among the efforts either in place or being considered: Michigan Vehicle Code 257.602b, Michigan's anti-texting law, prohibits reading, sending or typing a text messages on a wireless device. Use of a hand-held mobile device as a telephone is prohibited for commercial drivers and school bus operators. A bill proposing tougher texting-and-driving standards, including a $250 fine for drivers using an electronic device not mounted and voice-activated. "Operation Ghost Rider" in Macomb County, using officers in unmarked ...

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What Happens When an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver Causes a Crash?

Drivers who cause collisions are supposed to be responsible for compensating the victims of serious injuries. If the collision is a deadly accident, the driver who caused the crash should be responsible for compensating the family of the person who died in the motor vehicle accident. Since most drivers don't have enough money or assets to pay a victim or his family when serious injuries or death occurs, Michigan law sets a minimum amount of insurance every driver must have. Drivers are required to carry $20,000 per person in bodily injury coverage and $40,000 per accident. In spite of the law requiring it, some drivers don't bother to buy coverage. Sometimes drivers will purchase only the minimum coverage required by law, but then cause a crash wherein ...

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Macomb County Motorists Could Lose Their Lives in Aggressive Driving Accidents

From 2003 to 2007, close to half of all deadly car accidents involved at least one driver who did something aggressive behind the wheel in the moments before the crash, according to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Aggressive driving is very common - and very dangerous. Motorists need to know how to avoid engaging in aggressive behavior, and must also take steps to try to protect themselves from becoming the victims.  AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a survey of motorists and asked them about their behavior over the prior year while driving. Around 80 percent of the survey respondents said that they had expressed "significant" anger or road rage while operating their vehicles. Although it is natural to get frustrated by what other drivers do ...

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Preventing Winter Truck Accidents When Macomb County Weather is Bad

Truck drivers often have to drive through bad winter weather, including storms, so they can stay on schedule and get their deliveries made on time. Unfortunately, when a trucker has to drive under conditions of snow or ice, the truck driver faces an increased risk of becoming involved in a truck collision.  A truck driver is expected to operate his vehicle in a competent and professional way at all times, which means knowing how to drive safely on icy roads and snowy roads, and knowing how to respond when it is snowing as he is driving. If a truck driver does not believe he can travel safely given the conditions of the road, he should stop and take a break until the weather ...

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