Michigan at Forefront of Technology's Impact on Traffic Safety

  When it comes to traffic collisions, experienced injury attorneys know a driver is most often at fault. Common causes of Detroit accidents include distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, failure to yield and fatigued driving. Of course, winter weather is a serious threat right now, with Fox2 and other outlets reporting the new year has brought mostly delay and frustration for the human drivers still stuck behind the wheel.  Then there are the computerized drivers now rolling among us. As the Free Press reports, the ethical issues of interacting with us mortal motorists are as complex as who lives or dies when man meets machine. This is not technology on the distance horizon. Waymo, a Google-affiliated company, is among those already testing self-driving ...

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Looking Back to Move Forward: Carrying Kindness into the New Year

The New Year has arrived, everyone is back into their routine, and many of us have already packed up the holidays in anticipation of warmer weather. While we too are looking forward to 2018, we wanted to briefly look back on a treasured holiday tradition that we have been participating in for a few years now. We love closing out the year on this magical note, and we hope that sharing this story will inspire you the entire year through. All year long, we meet and help victims and families of car accidents and other debilitating injuries. Our service ends once we solidify the rightful compensation and justice our clients deserve, but we know their lives have changed forever. Not only are many ...

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Drunk Driving in Macomb County Increases During the Holidays

Drunk driving may be a roadway hazard throughout the year, but it spikes sharply during the holiday season. According to Scram Systems, a greater proportion of traffic fatalities are caused by alcohol during the holidays than during other times of the year. More than half of drunk drivers were also reported to drink more during the holidays than during any other time of the year. After any drunk driving accident, injury victims have legal rights. The advice of a Macomb County car accident attorney can help protect victims who have been injured by drunk drivers. Drunk driving in Michigan Macomb County residents are not immune from drunk driving. Six of them were injured this past August when an impaired driver drove into a ...

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Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Don’t Let Injury Slow Your Holiday Hustle

With high temperatures in the 20s this week, it’s finally starting to feel like December in Michigan. And while a fluffy white blanket covering the ground is festive and fun, we need to turn down the holiday tunes and pay some extra attention to our blustery surroundings. Between holiday parties, travel, work, and shopping, we’re bound to run into some icy patches, heavy snow obstacles, wet floors, tumbling boxes, and more. Slip-and-Falls Can Be Sneaky Slip-and-fall accidents are more common this time of year, but not only for the reasons you would expect. While unsalted and unpaved driveways, parking lots, and steps put everyone at a higher risk for a slip, the threat doesn’t end once we’re inside. Think of how many people ...

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The Adage of “Cops Helping Cops” is Always Debatable. Drunk Driving is Not.

New details have recently surfaced surrounding the investigation of a Roseville lieutenant who was given a pass on a DUI and, instead, driven home safely by a Ferndale police officer. While we are thankful that no one was hurt while the intoxicated officer drove the wrong way down Woodward Avenue, it is a significant reminder that no case of drunk driving is deserving of a free pass. It’s tragic to say that, as personal injury lawyers, we regularly see the devastation that occurs after someone makes the choice to drive intoxicated. Grief-stricken families of both the victim and drunk driver have to grapple with the financial and emotionally-taxing aspects of the situation. More often than not, the drunk driver will lose their job, ...

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Increased Traffic Fatalities Across the United States in 2016

2016 traffic fatality statistics for the United States have recently been released. They show that the recent trend of increased car accident fatalities is continuing. Michigan drivers were not immune from this trend. Every day, Macomb County families are affected by injuries and deaths on the roadway. Learn more about these trends and what Michigan drivers can do to stay safe on the road. And if you or a loved one is involved in a traffic accident, be sure to contact an experienced Macomb County car accident attorney as soon as possible. It is important to hold negligent drivers accountable for their dangerous behavior in order to keep the roads of Michigan safe for everyone. Why Are Car Accident Fatalities on the Rise? ...

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Car Accidents Are Leading Cause of Child Deaths in Michigan

Car accidents have long been one of the leading causes of child death in the U.S.. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motor vehicle crashes are responsible for 1 out of every 4 unintentional injury deaths in children under the age of 13. When children or teens are injured in Michigan motor vehicle accidents, it is usually their parents who must file legal claims on their behalf. Learn more about the causes of child car accident injuries, and how you can protect your child’s legal rights after any type of motor vehicle accident. The Risk Factors For Child Car Accidents - And What Parents Can Do About Them According to the National Safety Council, more children are hit by cars near ...

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New Automated Safety Features Can Protect Michigan Drivers

Michigan has always been at the forefront of vehicle manufacturing. Now, new safety features and automated technologies offer Michiganders more choices than ever for staying safe on the road. After any accident, an experienced Michigan car accident attorney will thoroughly investigate all potential causes of injuries to ensure that negligent drivers and auto manufacturers are held responsible for their conduct.  Cases against other motorists may be rooted in theories of general negligence, but cases against auto manufacturers are a bit more complicated, and follow theories of product liability. Any company or individual in the chain of distribution of an unsafe or defective product could potentially be held liable for injuries resulting from foreseeable use of that product. Lane Departure Warning Systems An increasingly-popular and ...

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Back to School Safety Tips for Macomb County Schools

The back to school season is an exciting time for Michigan students, parents, and school staff. It can also be a dangerous time: Buses, heavy school zone traffic, and high concentrations of inexperienced teen drivers work together to significantly increase the risk of sustaining auto accident injuries in and around school zones. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, more children are hit by cars near schools than at any other location. After an accident occurs, an experienced Macomb County car accident lawyer can help secure compensation for injuries sustained by students, parents, teachers, and school staff. But it is up to all drivers to accept personal responsibility for avoiding school zones accidents by adopting safe driving habits. Michigan School Zone Accidents ...

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Macomb County Motorcycle Accidents Trend Up in Summer

Motorcyclists in Michigan will be riding out the rest of summer trying to squeeze in as much road time as possible. But motorcycle accidents in Macomb County are more common this time of year, partially because there are more riders, but also because other motorists simply aren't looking out. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) reports that the number of motorcycles registered in Michigan has more than doubled in the last 50 years, from 4.1 million in 1966 to 8.4 million today. Motorcycles only account for about 2 percent of all registered vehicles in the state, but they are involved in a disproportionate number of serious accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities. Officials say motorcycles account for about 7 percent of all traffic deaths ...

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